Acreage Residents Rally To Help Cancer Patient Michele Meredith

Residents of The Acreage have been busy raising money to help cancer patient Michele Meredith, a longtime resident who has supported the Acreage Athletic League for many years. Events included the “Fight Like a Girl” kickball tournament and 5K run/walk at Acreage Community Park on Sunday, Aug. 23, which was attended by least 500 people and raised approximately $15,000. Also, a “Paint the Night Away” fundraiser on Tuesday, Aug. 25 at the Hamlin House raised $300. Shown here at the “Paint the Night Away” fundraiser are: (front row) Sandra Love Semande, Joni Dauria (Meredith’s mother), Michele Meredith, Kayla Meredith (her daughter) and Maria Enriquez; (back row) Lillian Hall, Mary Wanczak, Melissa Kratz, Trish Watkins, Brenda Kilgore, Pam Taylor, Shaun Santoro, Kelli Walters-Shipe, Cindy Soles and Jeanetta Bair.