Horses Healing Hearts Gets Grant From Jacobs Foundation

Horses Healing Hearts (HHH), a unique preventative education and equine-assisted therapy program for children of parents with alcoholism and addiction, will receive a $15,000 grant from the newly formed Jacobs Family Foundation of Wellington this month.

The grant will allow HHH Founder and Executive Director Lizabeth Olszewski to expand HHH’s reach and to continue to provide children in the program with the opportunity to learn valuable coping skills and to heal emotionally.

“We are delighted that the Jacobs Family Foundation has recognized the work that Horses Healing Hearts is doing through their generous donation,” Olszewski said. “They are making an investment in our organization that will allow at-risk children in Wellington to develop healthy behaviors and coping skills that will last a lifetime.”

The Jacobs Family Foundation of Wellington was formed in February to facilitate the family’s philanthropic efforts in and around Wellington.

“The work that Liz and her team do with these children is truly inspiring,” Louis Jacobs said. “As equestrians, our family knows how special it is to have horses in your life and the healing power they provide. It is amazing to see these children having fun and learning positive life-coping skills, responsibility and confidence.”

Charlie Jacobs agreed. “The program Liz provides these young people is vital to the well-being of Wellington and the South Florida community,” he said. “These children need a sanctuary, and we are excited to help Horses Healing Hearts offer them such a wonderful opportunity.”

HHH is the only nonprofit organization in the country that provides an equine-facilitated learning program designed to help children dealing with addiction in their homes. HHH’s goal is to break the destructive generational cycle of addiction by helping kids develop healthy behaviors. As a result, the kids learn that even though they cannot control their parents’ addiction, they can control their own future based on their choices.

HHH meets weekly for prevention education sessions where the children participate in “circle time,” which is peer-to-peer counseling overseen by a certified prevention/mental health specialist. Afterward, all participants take turns riding. Before and after riding, they play games and do crafts with adult mentor volunteers. “Horses Healing Hearts would like to expand our relationship with the Jacobs Family Foundation, partnering with them for the long term to bring life-changing equine programs to children who are living with alcoholism and addiction,” Olszewski said.

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