Women Of The Wellington Chamber Kick Off ‘30 Women, 30 Nights’

The Women of the Wellington Chamber of Commerce kicked off its “30 Women, 30 Nights” philanthropic campaign this month at Place of Hope.

The event was a success, and more than 30 “blessing bags” for the children at Place of Hope were assembled.

Upon arrival, the ladies toured the Stack Family Cottage on the Paxson Campus. This family cottage is where six foster children live with two cottage parents. In total, there are six family cottages and an emergency shelter on the campus.

The group then saw the campus at Donna’s Place which houses Joann’s Cottage and the Villages of Hope. Joann’s Cottage is a maternity home for girls ages 13 to 20 that can house up to six girls and six babies.

Later, the group gathered in the recreation room located in the Villages of Hope office for lunch and assembling blessing bags. In addition, the ladies prepared meals.

The mission of the Women of the Wellington Chamber of Commerce is to develop the “women helping women” concept by bringing new and exciting business and educational opportunities and connections to female business leaders. The “30 Women, 30 Nights” campaign consists of a 12-month philanthropic endeavor, each lasting 30 days long, to benefit different charities.

For more information about the Women of the Wellington Chamber, contact Debbie Crompton at supenvmgmt@gmail.com.

ABOVE: Women of the Wellington Chamber with blessing bags for the children at Place of Hope.