Deborah Burggraaf Pens Ninth Children’s Book

Award-winning author and retired teacher Deborah Burggraaf has announced the release of her ninth children’s book, Sasha’s Birthday Party.

Sasha’s Birthday Party follows Burggraaf’s eighth book, The Noodle Club, which was well received by children, parents and educators. The same positive response is anticipated for Sasha’s Birthday Party.

Burggraaf has teamed up with local illustrator Matthew Lumsden to create playful illustrations of canines at their annual birthday party in the neighborhood backyard.

The central character is Sasha, a friendly Chihuahua, who has welcomed the neighborhood dogs to her annual backyard birthday party.

Written for children ages 5 to 13, Sasha’s Birthday Party has colorful and whimsical illustrations that will surely delight every reader with each page turned.

Parents, teachers and children will also welcome the age-specific learning activities available at

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