Pro Saddle Fitter Tobias Joins Custom Saddlery Team

Custom Saddlery, maker of the official saddle of the United States Dressage Team, has long provided equestrians with top-quality, handcrafted saddles. The company employs a team of expert saddle fitters to ensure a comfortable and effective saddle.

Florida native Frank Tobias recently joined Custom Saddlery as the company’s South Florida saddle fitter and representative. He’s based in Wellington year-round.

Before becoming a professional fitter, Tobias, originally from West Palm Beach, earned a bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Florida, and then built a company restoring vintage Porsche racecars. Tobias’ wife, Lauren, an eventer and dressage rider, introduced him to the equestrian world 15 years ago.

His interest was immediately sparked. Tobias began a career as a farrier, and studied horse biomechanics to further assist his equine clients. “I realized how important saddle design and fit is,” he said. “I find that I am able to correct more things with the saddle than I am with shoeing. Shoeing is reactive; saddle fitting is proactive.”

After that realization, Tobias knew that he wanted a career in saddle fitting. “I studied with a German master saddler and became certified as a saddle fitter in 2012. I now work as an independent saddle fitter and rep for Custom Saddlery,” Tobias explained. “I love working with horses.”

His skills will certainly be utilized in the upcoming year, as many of the top U.S. jumper and dressage riders will be in South Florida for the winter, campaigning for a place on the U.S. Olympic Team.

Additionally, Custom Saddlery’s president, Cary Wallace, has announced that new saddle models will be released soon, giving Tobias even more resources to create the perfect fit.

“Custom Saddlery builds a fantastic saddle and offers a variety of tree sizes and shapes to fit the different back shapes and sizes of my clients’ horses,” Tobias said. “With so many options, I can always find the saddle that is right for both horse and rider, and then make the final adjustments to find that perfect fit.”

When asked what his favorite saddle is, Tobias said Custom Saddlery’s Wolfgang Solo works great for many riders. “I also really like the Custom Everest saddle, because it works well with the big-shouldered horses that I see in the Wellington area,” he added.

Wallace is thrilled to have Tobias as his local representative. “I’m extremely excited to have Frank representing Custom Saddlery as a saddle fitter,” Wallace said. “He is super talented and has a professional demeanor.”

Tobias, who works with training level riders up to Grand Prix FEI level competitors such as Jaime Amian and Shannon Dueck, said that all of his clients are important to him — and all deserve the best saddle he can offer.

With Custom Saddlery, Tobias is striving to provide the highest quality of customer service in South Florida. “I love working with this company,” he said. “Custom Saddlery is extremely customer-oriented and employee-oriented. They are the gold standard for customer service in the saddle business.”

Custom Saddlery’s alliance with Tobias will provide South Florida equestrians with dressage and jumping saddles to suit each customer’s specific needs and preferences. The company, based in Aiken, S.C., also offers beautiful saddle pads, girths and other accessories. Visit to view the many saddles offered by Custom Saddlery. To find a professional saddle fitter near you, call (800) 235-3865.

ABOVE: Custom Saddlery’s South Florida saddle fitter Frank Tobias (left) with Custom Saddlery President Cary Wallace.