Area Twirler Samantha Williams To Be In Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Samantha Williams of Loxahatchee has had a busy summer. The local tenth-grader is preparing to head to the Big Apple for the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. She will not just be watching the festivities. This former Miss Majorette of Florida will be marching across television screens with the Spirit of America cheer squad performing for millions nationwide as part of the parade.

Normally limited to cheerleaders, Williams was invited to join the pom group and asked to bring her batons when organizers saw her performance at the Worlds Perfect Athlete Contest, in which she won the title of Advanced Jr. Teen Worlds Perfect Twirler.

This accomplishment did not come easy. Williams has been a dedicated twirler since the age of 3 and is currently the longest-running member of the Solid Gold Twirlers. She is ranked in the advanced and elite solo categories, juggling up to four batons at once, as well as knives, hoops and other equipment. Williams is known for her fire baton and fire knife performances at the South Florida Fairgrounds and other community events.

Williams has won numerous regional titles for both beauty pageants and baton, including Miss Regional Twirling Unlimited at several ages, Miss Majorette of Florida, and twice Miss Imperial Beauty National Talent winner. She has also taken the gold at the Amateur Athletic Union’s Jr. Olympics. She won 22 medals in 2015, earning a medal for every event she entered. She won a gold medal for the Advanced All Around Twirler, her third time winning the title.

Despite her twirling accomplishments, Williams said that the best part about competitions is seeing her students succeed, and getting to travel and meet other twirlers from around the world.

When she is not busy developing her twirling techniques or teaching students, she can be found playing trumpet for her high school band and studying for her advanced classes. She has dreams of becoming a history teacher. Keep an eye on your TV this Thanksgiving to catch a glimpse of her.

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