TKA Welcomes ‘Blind Side’ Actor Quinton Aaron

The Kings Academy welcomed actor Quinton Aaron, from the movie The Blind Side, to a special assembly for secondary students on Friday, Nov. 13.

Aaron shared his personal story of being bullied as a child and how he overcame and used his past challenges to shape him into the man he is today.

He encouraged students to know who they are and where they want to go in life, and not give hurtful words any power over them. At the close of the assembly, Aaron took the time to shake hands or hug each student personally.

“Mr. Aaron was very encouraging and had such a positive attitude. He inspired me to be a better person,” senior Katie Krigbaum said.

“The fact that Mr. Aaron is using his platform as a successful actor to give back to others and make a difference, really impacted me,” added senior Chris Catoe. “He also took the time to meet each student personally and give them a hug. That spoke volumes.”

“Mr. Aaron made me realize that it is more important to care about others than about myself,” sixth-grade student Yvette Chamoun said. “If I notice someone being bullied, or who is lonely and feels left out, I will reach out and do something about it.”

Aaron now tours the country representing his foundation, the Quinton Aaron Foundation, to raise awareness about bullying and personally interact with students, parents and teachers. He is passionate about curbing it both in schools and online.

The Quinton Aaron Foundation was established in 2012 to help develop a “standard of excellence” for students with a desire to strive for a higher level of achievement, personally, academically, socially, communally, athletically and eventually professionally.

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ABOVE: Actor Quinton Aaron speaking to TKA students.