Wellington Council To Vote On Saddle Trail Paving Bond

The Wellington Village Council will consider resolutions Tuesday, Nov. 10 to approve non-ad valorem assessments and a bond issue not to exceed $5.82 million for residents of Saddle Trail Park South for a neighborhood roadway, bridle trail and potable water improvement project.

The council approved the project and assessment in April after residents had come to the village asking for the project about a year previously. The work will include paving, a 15-foot swale with potable water mains underneath, a 25-foot right of way and a 14-foot shellrock bridle trail separated from the road by a three-rail fence.

Staff has recommended that the village back the bonding for the project in order to secure a lower interest rate.

The project has met with opposition from equestrians outside the Saddle Trail neighborhood, who maintain that the project will degrade the character of Wellington’s equestrian community overall.

The majority of Saddle Trail residents, however, requested the work in order to reduce dust generated from increased traffic over the years, which has also raised concerns of pedestrian and equestrian safety on a dirt road shared by numerous vehicles.

A total of 103 lots will be included in the assessment. The project is between Greenbriar Blvd. to the north and Pierson Road to the south, and 150th Avenue South to the west and 140th Avenue South to the east.

In other business:

• The council will consider the final reading and approval of four ordinances to approve referendum questions that would amend the village charter, pending voter approval in March.

The first would change the way council vacancies are filled to be similar to the way a mayor’s vacancy is filled. If fewer than 180 days remain in a council member’s term, the seat would remain vacant until a new council member is elected. If more than 180 days remain, a special election would be called. Currently, the remaining council members appoint a person to fill vacant seats.

The second ordinance would include a provision to protect the Equestrian Preserve Area. There are currently no protections for the EPA in the charter.

The third ordinance would change the makeup of the village’s election canvassing board to include the village clerk, a county commissioner and a county judge. The charter currently provides that the canvassing board be made up of the village clerk and council members who are not up for election.

The fourth ordinance would prohibit commercial transient housing in the Equestrian Preserve Area. The provision would prohibit motels, hotels, condo-hotels, apartments and similar commercial transient occupancy uses, except for bed-and-breakfasts.

• The council will also consider a resolution to approve an agreement with the Supervisor of Elections Office for election services in March, as well as a resolution confirming the date, time and place for the election, and a runoff election if necessary. The election was moved from Tuesday, March 8 to Tuesday, March 15, to be conducted concurrent with Florida’s presidential primary.

• The council is slated to vote on a request by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office to use law enforcement trust funds to purchase an in-vehicle surveillance system for an unmarked vehicle to provide video surveillance and recording for investigations.

• Also, the council will consider an interlocal agreement with the Drowning Prevention Coalition of Palm Beach County to provide vouchers for free swimming lessons.


  1. Since last April The Saddle Trail project no longer has the required 66.67% support and council refuses to recognize this.

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