Crestwood Middle School Supports Feed The Children Program

A group of boys from Crestwood Middle School recently volunteered at Conniston Middle School, where they worked with the Feed the Children Program.

Feed the Children packages a healthy meal, and the meals are distributed to children in South Florida who normally wouldn’t have enough to eat. The boys helped the program meet its goal of packaging 185,000 pounds of food for the weekend.

Kamari Burns felt elated at the end of his shift. “It felt good giving back to the community,” he said. “I feel like I am making a difference.”

Marque Drummond, the team sponsor, wanted to give the boys the opportunity to support Feed the Children, and to show them that there are people who sometimes need help in life and it is important to help where possible.

“I’m glad that they got the opportunity to broaden their world by meeting other students from other schools around the county who joined together to help others,” Drummond said.

The students will be volunteering later to distribute toys for Christmas.

ABOVE: Crestwood students Jeremiah Mawali, Adrian Hector, Anthony Jones, Kamari Burns, Andre Fuller, Ian Finnegan, Deavon Vazquez and Finlay Toussaint.