EcoJet Brings Cooling Technology To Local Equestrians

For horse owners dreading the thought of riding through another hot show season, EcoJet, which produces climate control evaporative cooling technology, offers an innovative solution for cooling stalls, arenas and other equine facilities.

EcoJet’s products are unlike anything else offered to equestrians. As the international winter show season launches in Wellington, EcoJet can help competitors keep their cool.

“Differently from fans that blow hot air, this product lowers the temperature up to 20 degrees,” EcoJet’s Rick Alle explained.

EcoJet fans work by breaking water into a fine mist that is thrust into fan blades rotating at 1,700 rpm. The result is an ultra-fine mist that won’t wet hair or faces but will cool and cleanse the air.

For horses that are competing or are regularly exposed to a high-temperature environment, this cool, humidified air makes a difference.

“The horse, of course, is the main character involved. Horses gets tired, stressed and hot,” said Lucas Pohlmann, EcoJet’s business development manager. “Our product comes to cool down the horses and relieve them from stress.”

EcoJet’s fans are easy to use and install and come in a variety of models. EcoJet options include wall mounts, which connect to standard garden hoses. Portable EcoJet units come with a water reservoir and a stand. The company has sold more than 500,000 units in 40 other countries. “EcoJet is something that people didn’t know they really needed until they used it,” Pohlmann said.

The fans are now offered for sale at, at the Tackeria in Wellington and at the Horse of Course’s mobile tack shop at the Adequan Global Dressage Festival. To learn more about EcoJet, visit or call (305) 713-4424.

ABOVE: Horses enjoy clean, cool air courtesy of EcoJet.