Hour Of Code Kicks Off At Rosarian Academy

In celebration of Computer Science Education Week, the Rosarian Academy’s technology staff introduced first-grade through fourth-grade students to an “Hour of Code” in an effort to demystify computer coding and to show that anybody can learn the basics of computer science.

Rosarian’s implementation of the Hour of Code was the kickoff to the school adding STEM Lab into the Lower School curriculum. Starting this month, kindergarten through fourth-grade students attend a STEM Lab class every other week. This experience has been designed to enhance and connect the students’ scientific experimentation being done in the science classrooms, elementary science lab and co-curricular computer labs, where they practice skills such as keyboarding and creating PowerPoint presentations. The classes include coding and engineering principles and incorporate projects that integrate science, engineering and math through the use of technology.

Rosarian started offering co-curricular robotics classes to its middle school students in the beginning of the year. Robotics classes include learning coding and HTML.

ABOVE: Matias Bessenroth and Finn Duran learn coding on an iPad.