Omega Alpha Rewards Best Horse Care At WEF And AGDF

Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals, a leader in natural formulations for enhancing equine health and performance, is a Canadian-based company that’s looking forward to a winter of equestrian competition in Wellington.

The equine supplement company is a proud sponsor of both the 2016 Winter Equestrian Festival and the 2016 Adequan Global Dressage Festival. Not only does Omega Alpha sponsor the two horse show series, but the company will also present the Omega Alpha Healthy Horse Award six times during each show series.

As the healthy horses get rewarded for their excellent conditions, the people who keep them healthy will be rewarded, too. The Omega Alpha Best Barn Manager of the Season contest will take place at both show series, so nominate your barn manager for a chance to win several well-deserved prizes.

For 22 years, Omega Alpha has led the way in developing natural equine products through research-based science. Omega Alpha offers a wide selection of award-winning products that are created using botanical ingredients. The company’s products include innovative supplements for joint health, calming, respiratory health, hoof care, hormonal health, energy and performance, as well as products for muscle rehabilitation and detoxification. In total, Omega Alpha produces more than 300 effective supplements in five product divisions — Consumer Health Products, Pet Health Products, Equine Health Products, Professional Naturopathic Health Products and Professional Veterinarian Products.

Omega Alpha is eager to promote healthy horses by returning to sponsor the shows in Wellington and presenting the Omega Alpha Healthy Horse Award. Patti Hanco, director of business development for the equine division of Omega Alpha, outlined the criteria for the award winners. “The Omega Alpha Healthy Horse Award is given to a horse that exudes good health through proper muscling; a healthy, shiny coat; and a good attitude in its performance — which reflects good internal health,” she explained.

“The Omega Alpha Healthy Horse Award will be presented to one individual horse that stands out among the others; a robust and healthy horse who is fit and performs with vigor. The winners will receive a commemorative ribbon and prize bucket filled with Omega Alpha products, as well as an embroidered fly scrim and hat,” she said.

Thanks to the prize products, the horse will be able to stay in prime condition throughout the winter competition season and beyond.

Throughout the South Florida show season, look for Omega Alpha Best Barn Manager of the Season ballot boxes at the Winter Equestrian Festival and the Adequan Global Dressage Festival show grounds and at tack stores that carry Omega Alpha products, or fill out a nomination form online at Nominate a barn manager who deserves recognition by telling Omega Alpha why you think the manager should get the award.

One barn manager from a show jumping barn will win, and one barn manager from a dressage barn will win. The winning barn managers will each receive a beautiful Omega Alpha bit box and a night out on the town for two, complete with a chauffeur. The two winners will be announced on March 29, during the last week of the season.

To learn more about Omega Alpha’s equine products, visit or call (800) 651-3172.

ABOVE: Accetto Du Lys was one of last year’s Omega Alpha Healthy Horse Award winners at the Winter Equestrian Festival.