Crestwood Helps Make Dreams A Reality

The week before holiday break, three students approached Crestwood Middle School choir teacher Veronica Johnson concerned about another student in their class. They were worried that the girl would not be able to celebrate Christmas because of her living situation and knowing that she was facing some difficult times, they asked if they could have a party for her and buy her some gifts.

Word of this girl’s plight reached the Equestrian Aid Foundation under the leadership of President Stephanie Riggio Bulger, along with Robert Ross and friends of the EAF. The nonprofit was quick to help this Crestwood student in need.

Annette Marquez, a teacher at Crestwood, and her husband Randall, presented the student with a certificate from the EAF for a shopping spree at Target. The contagious excitement spread to her friends, and later to her foster mother, as she exclaimed, “They picked me to go shopping!”

Furthermore, this young lady chose to share her holiday shopping spree with her high school sister. Her foster mother, a case worker and teachers joined in making their holiday dreams a reality.

Music, art, toys, sporting goods and clothing were generously given by the EAF. For these two girls, their Christmas dream did come true.

ABOVE: Teacher Annette Marquez, Betniesha Allen, teacher Veronica Johnson and Shirlenna Allen.