Dreyfoos Students Work To Eliminate Cheating

In an effort to change the status quo, officers of the Dreyfoos School of the Arts chapter of the National Honor Society are attempting to leverage support for a movement called Project Integrity.

“We hope to change integrity from something that students see as unimportant and burdensome into something that students see as relevant and worthwhile,” NHS President Ethan Weatherdon said. “Cheating has become an epidemic on campuses across throughout the country, and change isn’t going to come easily. Students must be the ones to begin the dialogue about academic integrity now.”

The officers began the promotion of integrity by visiting freshmen classes to discuss the importance of integrity in their high school years. During the week of Feb. 15, the honor society planned several days of activities for the student body. Students were encouraged to sign a huge integrity banner, a PSA for integrity was played on the school’s morning announcements, bracelets and stickers advertising the project were handed out and props advertising integrity were available for students interested in taking photos. Friday’s plans include a school wide white-out, free food and lunch with a DJ.

“I would like to see this project expand to other schools around Palm Beach County and maybe even Florida,” Weatherdon said. “I can’t wait to see how much we’re able to accomplish this year and beyond.”