Royal Palm Beach Native Brings At-Home Blood Testing To South Florida

CHEKD, the world’s first on-demand home blood testing service, launched this week in South Florida, encouraging users to skip the long lab wait times and opt for affordable, customized test panels conveniently delivered and administered by trained healthcare practitioners.

Marking a new era of health empowerment, CHEKD users can order online from a wide variety of FDA-certified and CLIA-tests, and get their blood drawn from the comfort of their own home, office or even a cozy coffee shop. The blood draw takes 10 minutes or less.

The Uber-style health tech service offers no hidden fees and requires no medical insurance on the user’s end. From hormone imbalances and vitamin deficiencies, to overall heart, brain and metabolism function, CHEKD offers a blood test for any health concern one might have.

“We took a service previously only available to professional athletes, celebrities and elite society, and made it accessible to everyday people who deserve to know the status of their own health,” said Royal Palm Beach-born founder and CEO Dr. Aaron Grossman, who thought up the idea during his final semester of medical school at the University of Florida College of Medicine.

Returning from residency interviews to find his home destroyed in a fire, Grossman decided to skip residency to pursue CHEKD, determined to create a platform that empowered people of all socioeconomic backgrounds to take control of their health. “The current flawed healthcare system has no real interest in making you healthier,” he said. “That’s why we created CHEKD.”

Grossman said he has witnessed firsthand the problems in the insurance and lab-testing industries.

“CHEKD is for people who want to keep score of their health,” he said. “It’s for people who want to know exactly what stands in the way of their full physical, mental and sexual potential.”

CHEKD’s plan is to make affordable, on-demand blood testing available to 80 percent of the U.S. population by the end of 2016. Learn more at