Wellington Offering Irrigation Grant That May Save Residents Green

Wellington is currently offering residents its popular irrigation grant. The program is designed to encourage and assist residents in the conversion of a potable (treated) water irrigation system to a non-potable irrigation system using well, canal or lake water.

For residents who irrigate their lawn twice a week, the cost of the installation may pay for itself in the first year’s utility bill savings. Monthly savings will continue for the resident, and the long-term effects of water conservation and delayed water and wastewater treatment facility expansions will benefit all residents.

The program is being offered until Thursday, April 21. Grant amounts will be 50 percent of the installation costs up to a maximum of $800 for conversion of well systems, or a maximum of $400 for conversion of a canal/lake system. Approximately 20 applications will be randomly drawn on April 25. Recipients will be notified by April 28, and the irrigation systems must be installed by Aug. 11.

Residents with existing well or pump irrigation systems are ineligible to participate in the program.

For more information, call the Customer Service Center at (561) 791-4000.