Wizards Host Family Rugby Day In The Acreage

With the help of the Acreage Athletic League and its president, Carlos Castillo, the Wizards Ruby Club held a Family Rugby Day on Saturday, March 12 at Acreage Community Park.

It was a special day because the Wizards were able to present a plaque as a token of appreciation to Michael Stone, president of Equestrian Sport Productions, who runs the Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington, for continued financial support. Castillo, on behalf of the AAL, was also recognized for giving the Wizards a home to practice and compete. Without support from ESP and the AAL, the Wizards would not be the first youth rugby club in northern Palm Beach County and thrive the way it has since 2015.

At the festival, attendees had a blast as they watched parents play against their children in touch rugby, although some kids could not resist the chance to tackle a dad or two. The festival took place over three hours, and the Wizards look forward to hosting a similar event next year.

The Wizards currently have top teams in the U12, U14 and U16 divisions, and look to do well at the upcoming state tournament. The state tournament will be held again at the International Polo Club Palm Beach on April 30.

ABOVE: Mark Habib, Jeremiah Ware, Michael Stone, Liam Grey, Carlos Castillo and Dave Rimes at the Family Rugby Day event.