Deborah Burggraaf Releases 11th Kids Book

Local author Deborah Burggraaf, a retired teacher and 2013 and 2014 FAPA Silver Medal author and prolific writer of children’s books, recently released her new book, The Lovebug Connection.

The central characters in the book are the lovebugs, along with the beautifully illustrated stages of the black flies, and the locals who have to learn to adapt to the annual flights of these smoky, black beauties each year.

The Lovebug Connection shows the reader the delicate flights of these attached black flies, and explains the positive effect that they have as they provide nutrients back into the earth during their brief cycles.

Matthew Lumsden, illustrator and graphic designer, takes the reader from a bird’s eye view to behind the windshield of an automobile, as he playfully paints his colorful pictures with profound beauty.

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