Jump Rope For Heart At Golden Grove

Golden Grove Elementary School recently hosted its 12th annual Jump Rope for Heart event.

Students jumped at the chance to help fight heart disease, heart defects and stroke, killers that have touched the lives of many of Golden Groves students and faculty.

On Feb. 12, students jumped roped to raise money for the American Heart Association, which funds cardiovascular disease and heart defect research, as well as and public and professional education programs. The main goal was to raise awareness and promote healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. Jump Rope for Heart is co-sponsored by the American Heart Association and the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Dance. The program has been teaching kids the importance of maintaining a healthy heart for 37 years.

Golden Grove has collected more than $130,009 in its 12 years of participation in the program. This year, $18,201 in donations were collected for the American Heart Association. The top four collectors at this year’s event were Mikela Zullo with $2,220, Ethan Wiesen with $755, Abigail Shenkman with $550 and Kenny Hernandez with $475.

Each child at Golden Grove in kindergarten through grade 5 participated in the event. They received thank-you gifts from the American Heart Association, while the physical education department will receive a $1,400 gift certificate from U.S. Games.

ABOVE: Students jump rope.