Three Wellington Schools Align Their Growing Fine Art Programs

Wellington students in elementary school, middle school and high school will be able to share their love of the arts in the upcoming 2016-17 school year by being a part of an exciting adventure together.

Wellington Elementary School, Wellington Landings Middle School and Wellington High School will each be offering programs in the arts. Wellington Elementary and Wellington Landings will now be offering fine arts academies, while WHS is already accredited with its fine arts program.

Principals Dr. Maria Vaughan of Wellington Elementary, Blake Bennett of Wellington Landings and Mario Crocetti of WHS are excited about the joint fine arts programs. To celebrate the news, the three schools’ choruses recently performed at Wellington Elementary School. It was the first time that the three schools got together on one stage. The chorus directors of each school spoke about their respective chorus programs.

Each school’s advanced chorus performed several songs, while Wellington Elementary students joined local officials and school administrators in the audience, which was mesmerized by the talent of each group performing.

Bradford Chase, WHS chamber chorus director for the past eight years, was impressed by the elementary and middle school choruses, as well as his own. Chase, who spoke along with WLMS chorus director Alayna Morton, noted that it takes a lot of hard work and commitment to be in the chorus. The Wellington Landings Advanced Chorus and the Wellington High School Advanced Chorus rehearse often after school, and it shows. Both school chorus directors added that it takes approximately one to two months to learn a single song.

WES chorus director Dave Morrison agreed that dedication and hard work is key. Along with the elementary school’s chorus performances, he stages elaborate productions two times a year, with rehearsals up to four times a week for chorus, advanced chorus and the musicals.

All three schools will be offering beginning and advanced chorus, art, drama and journalism. Each of the schools are designated as Choice Schools, which means that students residing outside of the home school area can apply for the fine arts academies.

Students can be novices in all the areas. In chorus, students will learn the proper vocal technique, music theory and be part of an exciting group that grows with each practice and performance. Art arouses students’ creativity and individual expressionism, with each school offering exceptional art classes. In all three schools, students in drama will learn the basics of drama, theater and the technique of building a character, along with learning about the creation of costumes, props, scenery and being an active part of a full-fledged production. Journalism is designed to enable students in the production of journalism across print, multimedia and web platforms. All three schools have journalism clubs and work on the school’s yearbook and student newspapers.

The three principals have been working together to align the fine arts programs across the three schools and are excited that the schools will be in sync for the upcoming school year.

Research has found that students in art programs perform better academically in the classrooms, as well as on standardized tests. “We are hoping to see greater academic gains by infusing the arts,” said Vaughan, who looks forward to seeing the children thrive in all areas.

For more information about the programs, call Wellington Elementary at (561) 651-0600, Wellington Landings at (561) 792-8100 and WHS at (561) 795-4900.

ABOVE: Wellington Elementary Principal Dr. Maria Vaughan introduces the three school choruses, with their directors and principals.