WPB Beef Jerky Outlet Opening In June

The Beef Jerky Outlet has come to Palm Beach County, with its first local store set to open at the Palm Beach Outlets in June.

The store will carry more than 200 premium jerky varieties, sizes and flavors. Available specialty meats include kangaroo, alligator, venison and elk, as well as exotic flavors such as Moonshine and Cajun.

Beef jerky is packed with protein and low in fat. Jerky is rapidly growing in popularity. From 2009 to 2015, beef jerky sales jumped 46 percent. According to the research group IRI, a Chicago-based market research firm, Americans spent $2.8 billion on beef jerky in 2015.

“I love beef jerky and have been making it for years for our camping, diving, rafting and skiing outings,” said Don Jones, who owns the West Palm Beach Beef Jerky Outlet with his wife, Lupe. “Jerky was a great snack throughout my military career and a big reason why I became interested in the franchise.”

The Beef Jerky Outlet is located in the Palm Beach Outlets and will be opening for business in early June. The store will celebrate its grand opening this July.

The word “jerky” has its origins in the native languages of South America. In the 1800s, the term “jerky” quickly spread across the New World to describe the process of smoking, drying and curing beef. Native Americans, cowboys and pioneers made and embraced jerky as an easily transportable and long-lasting food source.

Today, jerky is selling because of demand for lightweight, high-protein foods. Jerky is lean, high in nutritional value and low in calories, carbohydrates and fat.

The Beef Jerky Outlet was founded in 2010 and is the country’s first national jerky franchise. There are 57 franchise locations. Over the next 18 months, this number will grow to more than 100 locations across the United States.