Local Woman’s Bouquets May Make It To ‘Shark Tank’

A Wellington entrepreneur and mother of two who has invented and is selling a patent-pending line of essential oil-infused artificial bouquets straight from her living room has been contacted by recruiters for ABC’s Shark Tank.

Anita Imbesi launched the Pretty Things Blossom On product line, which consists of elegant faux flower bouquets with a surprise in the middle. Utilizing fully organic essential oil capsules she designed herself, Imbesi has created floral bouquets that always smell fresh and never die.

“This product is the first of its kind and touches on multiple needs from home decorations to wedding packages, to health and wellness needs such as a hospitals and spas,” she said.

Imbesi recently confirmed that she has had initial contact with ABC. “I am a potential Shark Tank candidate,” Imbesi said. “They called me a week and a half ago and told me that my product is very interesting. The man I talked to said he would pass my information along to the producers, but I haven’t heard back from them yet.”

Each flower center contains an essential oil package, which is also her patent-pending invention. The design makes it easy to activate and replace the essential oil packages, which come in various scents. The ease of use and availability of multiple scents makes Blossom On products easier and more affordable than new flowers or maintaining organic floral arrangements.

“When I first created this product, I had a few problems I was hoping to solve,” Imbesi said. “My customers have taken the product’s concept and run with it to find multiple uses, from holiday to homecoming corsages to home health care.”

From a lavender scent for relaxation and relieving headaches to peppermint for memory, mind and focus, Pretty Things & Co.’s oils can help naturally relieve a range of ailments. Imbesi’s scented faux flowers make good, low-maintenance arrangements for homes, offices, schools, libraries, hospitals and other shared spaces. With an aesthetic look and ability to control the scent of a closed space, the faux flowers are as beautiful as they are useful.

Known for their health and wellness-related traits, essential oils have been used for years in many settings to reduce stress, headaches, anxiety and lack of sleep, and are highlighted as a household cure for common ailments.

“I receive a lot of compliments on how beautiful and realistic our flowers are,” Imbesi said. “Once I show how easy the essential oils are placed in the flower, people become blown away with the prospect of an aesthetic home decoration which also has healing principles.”

Essential oils are derived from their natural origin and supplied from India to ensure there are no synthetics or chemicals. Pretty Things & Co. ensures that the oils are of the highest quality and therapeutic-grade. The Blossom On collection comes in three different colors and scents. Essential oils are beneficial because they simultaneously stimulate the part of the brain connected to smell (olfactory system) and the emotional brain (limbic system). This process causes the body’s immune and digestive systems to become active, which helps in areas such as sleep, stress, mood and more.

“I truly believe in the unique benefits that our essential oils can provide,” Imbesi said. “There is nothing currently available that mirrors my product, making it one-of-a-kind. My product gives life to what was once bland. It gives people the ability to take the time to smell the flowers and reap the benefits.”

Pretty Things and Co. sells its products online as well as in several local retail stores. To learn more, visit www.prettythingsandco.com or call (561) 351-4178.