Mounts Improves Web Site

The Mounts Botanical Garden recently announced a new information-packed and user-friendly web site at

“The new Mounts web site is a true marriage of nature and technology. Developed from feedback from members and visitors, it reflects our ongoing, year-round commitment to providing educational and cultural initiatives to the community,” Mounts Director Allen Sistrunk said. “We’ve added more user-friendly navigation to see what is in bloom and when; a comprehensive three-month calendar of events; better features and photos of each of our various gardens; plus a blog where we will post garden information and helpful horticultural tips.”

He added that people also are able to purchase tickets to upcoming events and workshops via the site.

“Our new web site will provide inspiration on what’s possible in their own gardens and at the very least provide a cornucopia of colorful, exotic and lush plants on display within our more than 20 different composition gardens,” Sistrunk said.

The site also will have a members-only area listing discounted events available only to members and provide an archive of Leaflet magazine articles. “With our new web site, we can now both tell and show what is currently in bloom in our garden,” Sistrunk said.

For more information, call (561) 233-1757 or visit

ABOVE: Home page of new web site for Mounts Botanical Garden.