WES Safety Patrol Explores Washington, D.C.

Wellington Elementary School’s fifth-grade safety patrol members had the time of their lives traveling to Washington, D.C., May 11-13. The planned itinerary had every minute of the day filled with historical site visits, where students saw places they had studied in class. The students enjoyed visiting the FDR, MLK and Jefferson memorials; the White House; the Natural History and American History museums; the Lincoln, Vietnam War, World War II and Korean War memorials; eating lunch at the U.S. Capitol; and much more. Principal Dr. Maria Vaughan accompanied them on their trip. The school thanks Jessica Myerscough, Jennifer Allen and Melissa Perry for organizing the trip, as well as the other chaperones, Kristine Frey, Karlie Young and Dave Morrison, who made the trip possible.

ABOVE: The safety patrollers in front of the White House.