Crestwood NJHS Off To A Great Start

What Crestwood Middle School National Junior Honor Society President Rylan Gonzalez did, after he was elected, shows the level of honor and integrity Crestwood is teaching its students.

Gonzalez turned his win into a double win. Defeating Amanda Ng for the position of Crestwood Middle School NJHS president, he approached his teacher advisors and his parents and said, “Amanda had a lot of great points in her speech, and I almost wanted to vote for her myself. She should be an officer in NJHS. I think together, we can make NJHS the best ever.”

Ng is now the community service coordinator. “I am so honored by Rylan’s gesture, and I won’t let him down,” Ng said.

Ng and Gonzalez, along with NJHS Vice President Jenna Brooker and NJHS member Justin Beauchesne, along with Gonzalez’s brother Grayson, recently visited MorseLife for art time with the residents. Art supplies were sponsored by Andrea and John Stark.

ABOVE: Rylan Gonzalez, Amanda Ng, Rabbi Nason Goldstein, Justin Beauchesne and Jenna Brooker at MorseLife.