Rotary’s Wellington Peace Ceremony

The Rotary Club of Wellington’s tenth annual Wellington Peace Ceremony took place Sunday, Sept. 25 at the Rotary Peace Park on Royal Fern Drive. Jessica Wittenbrink sang the national anthem, and the Palm Beach Central High School Traditions Choir sang songs about peace. Rotarians and Wellington officials addressed the gathering before residents said “May peace prevail on Earth” in different languages. Students and teachers then received awards from competitions centering on the topics of conflict resolution and multicultural understanding. For more information, visit


  1. Why run for a Council seat if you are not going to show up for community events?
    Councilwoman Siskind, who was appointed by the Council, hardly ever shows up to community activities, or talks to the community at these events. All she has to do is give at least and hour or her time, get her picture taken and then leave.

    Is that too much for her? Perhaps, she needs to rethink serving on the Wellington Council.

    Show up or resign. Everybody else on the Council shows up on a pretty regular basis with the Mayor and Vice Mayor the most engaged Council members.

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