Step Challenge Boosts Fitness For Employees At Premier Family Health

Physical fitness is a way of life for Dr. Mariaclara Bago and Dr. Vincent Apicella, medical directors at Premier Family Health, a family medicine practice in Wellington. The husband and wife team promote the benefits of healthy nutrition and exercise to their patients as well as to their staff, in much the same way they live their own lives.

Knowing that increased activity levels would have a positive impact on health and performance, Bago and Apicella initiated the Premier Step Challenge during the month of August. Staff members would compete as part of a team and would also receive an individual ranking. More than 60 employees joined the challenge, forming eight teams.

Each participant in the Premier Step Challenge wore an activity tracking device, such as Fitbit or Garmin, that measured the number of steps walked in a 24-hour period. Other forms of exercise were also included, such as biking, jogging and swimming. At the end of the month, the total number of steps were calculated, both by team and individual. Individuals and winning teams were announced and prizes were awarded.

The healthcare professionals at Premier Family Health are dedicated to helping patients achieve their health and wellness goals, combining knowledge and experience that spans the entire wellness spectrum for both children and adults. They work with patients to help them reach optimum levels of wellness.

“The majority of health conditions can be prevented by living a consistently healthy lifestyle,” Bago said. “By improving nutrition and significantly increasing exercise, you can optimize your health, help reduce disease risk factors and slow the aging process.”

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ABOVE: Premier Family Health employees who took part in the Premier Step Challenge.