Top Invictus Farm Prospect Fierralusa Takes First At Posse Show

Invictus Farm, a premier sport horse facility, was proud to take the champion title with an up-and-coming prospect at a recent show.

Invictus Farm’s owner Jennifer Moskal piloted her six-year-old Hanoverian mare Fierralusa to top placings in the 2’6” division at the Palm Beach County Mounted Posse Hunter Jumper Show. Moskal was delighted to earn the blue ribbon on her home-bred Fierralusa at the Jim Brandon Equestrian Center.

Moskal guided Fierralusa through the division under the direction of Grand Prix international dressage trainer Rick Rockefeller-Silvia. The duo of Moskal and Rockefeller-Silvia work together at Invictus Farm using their skills to bring hunter, jumper and dressage horses through the levels in an upbeat, fun atmosphere.

A specialized program that combines dressage and jumping training has proven to be key in Fierralusa’s success. Rockefeller-Silvia said that it was Fierralusa’s fundamental dressage training that helped her perform so well in the hunter division at the show. “Fierralusa’s solid dressage basics allow her to stay more balanced, subtle and soft; giving a relaxed feeling to the trips, which is important in a successful hunter,” he said.

Moskal was especially pleased with Fierralusa’s success, since breeding and training her own horses is her passion. Originally from Illinois, Moskal has been dedicated to horses since childhood and was instrumental in her family’s Warmblood breeding program at their farm, Legacy USA Equestrian Center. The breeding program produced top Hanoverian foals that were recognized throughout the United States.

Moskal’s mission is to continue breeding quality horses and instilling the proper training needed to reach the highest levels of their disciplines. For more information on Jennifer Moskal, Rick Rockefeller-Silvia and Invictus Farm, visit

ABOVE: Jennifer Moskal piloted Fierralusa to top placings in the 2’6” division at the Palm Beach County Mounted Posse show.