Allstar Martial Arts Students Shine At National Tournament

Students from Allstar Martial Arts Academy in Wellington competed in the 2016 Taekwondo United Fall National Championships in New Jersey on Friday, Sept. 30 and Saturday, Oct. 1.

The national event, hosted by Taekwondo United, held competitions in weapons, traditional forms and sparring.

The local students competed in traditional forms and sparring. They have been attending intense training sessions to prepare, and it showed.

“Our competition team has worked really hard over the last several months, and we’ve made great progress in preparing for the high level of competition that Taekwondo United brings,” said Master Jack Lord, a 6th dan black belt in taekwondo and the students’ instructor. “This tournament is one of the most exciting and most valuable traditional tournaments with hundreds of participants. It allows our students to meet other martial artists from all around the nation while boosting confidence and demonstrating that the hard work that everyone puts into training pays off.”

Allstar Martial Arts Academy, located at 9128 Forest Hill Blvd. in Kobosko’s Crossing, is focused on building character, respect and inner discipline, in a safe and family friendly environment. The academy offers affordable and convenient weekly classes for children, adults, beginners and advanced students. To learn more, call (561) 790-5422.

ABOVE: (Front row) Mr. and Mrs. Ramos with their sons, Christopher Ramos (red belt, second place champion in forms) and Roger Ramos (senior advanced red belt, first place national champion in forms and third place champion in sparring), and Diego Aguilar (1st dan black belt, fourth place champion in forms); and (back row) Hannah Lord (4th dan black belt, second place champion in forms), Matthew Lord (4th dan black belt, second place champion in sparring), Master Jack Lord (6th dan instructor), Jodi Lord (4th dan instructor), Sofia Oliviera (1st dan black belt, fourth place champion in forms, Mr. Aguilar and Hailey Lord (4th dan black belt, second place champion in sparring and fourth place champion in forms).