Wellington Debate Team To Host Presidential Debate Watch Party

The speech and debate team at Wellington High School will host a presidential debate watch party open to the community on Wednesday, Oct. 19.

“Speech and debate students know how to communicate effectively and express their ideas with confidence,” said J. Scott Wunn, executive director of the National Speech & Debate Association. “Our student and coach members across the country are hosting these events to not only practice their skills, but engage their communities in a discussion about the issues that matter most to them.”

The National Speech & Debate Association’s Voices of the Future campaign is designed to encourage student involvement in the upcoming election by using speech and debate skills. Through this initiative, members of the association will participate in a number of activities inside and outside of the classroom that engage students in the four zones of literacy: reading, writing, speaking and listening. A number of speech and debate teams will host presidential debate watch parties to encourage students and community members to think critically, collaborate and communicate creatively.

The Voices of the Future Presidential Debate Watch Party will take place on Wednesday, Oct. 19 from 8 to 11 p.m. in the Wellington High School auditorium at 2101 Greenview Shores Blvd.

Along with watching the presidential debate, students and community members will analyze debate techniques, discuss strategies and write comprehensive reviews of the debate. Attendees will play Presidential Debate Bingo, and the National Speech & Debate Association will host a national poll where thousands of student and coach members will be asked to share live social updates from their watch parties using the hashtag #Debatingthe Debates. Live polling can be done on Twitter (by following the NSDA @speechanddebate) or by text message.

Additionally, local leaders and politicians may participate in the local event.

“Elections have never been more important, even to young people who might not be able to go to the polls yet,” Wunn said. “These students are the voices of the future, and there are many ways they can make their voices heard through this election.”

For information about the Presidential Debate Watch Party in Wellington, contact WHS Debate Coach Paul Gaba at paul.gaba@palmbeachschools.org.

To learn more about Voices of the Future, visit www.speechand debate.org/voicesofthefuture.