New Online Biz Staller Pairs Horses With Available Stables

Staller, a new web and mobile-based solution that enables horse owners to rent stalls at or near equestrian competitions in the United States, was co-founded last month by members of the Ferrando and Godoy families, who are originally from Venezuela and live in Wellington.

The two families are active participants in the equestrian community and have a deep understanding of the market. The free Staller application was made available in the App Store and on the web site on Tuesday, Nov. 22.

Whether one needs a stall for a night or a full-service equestrian facility for an extended time, Staller offers a streamlined process by connecting those looking to stable their mounts to unique boarding options at any price point.

“Staller is like Airbnb for horses,” explained co-founder Arturo Ferrando, 28, an accomplished show-jumping competitor with a strong business background. “We saw that brokers had a monopoly on the market, and we wanted to offer more boarding options and visibility. Staller aims to give transparency to this market and facilitate the process of stall rental.”

According to 2015 statistics, there are 9.2 million horses and 4.6 million people in the horse business in the U.S. “We know riders who want to come to the Winter Equestrian Festival but they don’t necessarily want to commit to renting a stall for the entire season,” said co-founder Pablo Jimenez Godoy, 24, a tech entrepreneur who grew up riding and showing. “Thousands of horses from around the world come to Wellington for the 12 weeks of competitions. This doesn’t include all the other horses that come to South Florida during the winter, and they need stalls, let alone the horses and ponies around the country. This will give the renter options.”

Staller, available in English, Spanish, French and Italian, allows the user to search by location and price range, see photos and learn about the facility, location and availability. The user can then book online.

To make for an even better experience, Staller will provide an e-commerce portal for purchase of products and services in relation to the equine industry, including feed, supplements, veterinary care, equipment and supplies. Founded in October, Staller is a community marketplace for people to list, discover and book accommodations for horses and ponies around the world online or from a mobile phone.

Offering world-class customer service with a growing community of users, Staller is also the easiest way for stable owners and those with boarding facilities to monetize their extra stalls and showcase them to an international audience in the equestrian world. For more information, visit