Holiday Dance Show At RPBHS

On Dec. 15, the Wildcat Dancers Dance Team and the RPB Dancers from Royal Palm Beach High School presented their annual December performance, this year titled “Over the Rainbow.” Dance Director Michele Blecher choreographed 15 new dance routines for her dancers in the styles of jazz, lyrical, hip-hop and contemporary. This year’s show theme promoted self-esteem; loving one’s self and individual pride. Blecher felt that each dancer’s growth in self-esteem will help them triumph over bullying, prejudice and bigotry, should any of the dancers be faced with these problems.

The support and praise from the administrative staff at Royal Palm Beach High School and the audience surely boosted each dancer’s self-esteem. The grand finale, “No Money,” about overcoming bullying, was a smashing success. When the 120 dancers and Blecher finished, they were met with a standing ovation from the audience.

The next joint dance show between the RPB Dancers and the Wildcat Dancers Dance Team at the school will be April 27, 2017. “Dancing Throughout the World” will be based on cultural diversity through dance.

ABOVE: The RPB Dancers and the Wildcat Dancers Dance Team.