’Twas The Night Before Christmas, In Florida


’Twas the night before Christmas in ol’ Loxahatchee,
The Acreage, Wellysville and Tallahassee.
(No, not Tallahassee, I mean Royal Palm Beach,
But the rhyming is simply too far out of reach.)

The western communities’ children all snuggled,
In bedrooms of houses where snow was not shoveled,
Not off of the sidewalks, not off of the driveways,
Their roofs wouldn’t have Santa sliding down sideways.

While northern kids fretted about Santa’s weather,
Southern kids slept soundly — warmer was better.
’Cuz even though reindeer can navigate ice,
Even Rudolph admits that not slipping is nice!

So after they finished with Maine and Ohio,
Wisconsin, New Hampshire and cold Colorado,
The ’deer headed for warm states with palm trees, like ours,
Hoping to have enough time to pick flowers.

There weren’t many roses, see, at the North Pole,
And bringing some home for Mrs. Claus was their goal.
Santa Claus said he’d try, year after year,
But his list was so long that he couldn’t — ’twas clear.

So the reindeer discussed it. “While Santa’s inside,
We’ll fly off the roof! That’s what we’ll decide!
We’ll sneak through the gardens, pick beautiful roses,
And Santa will bring them indoors while she dozes!”

That’s just what they did. It was such a great plan!
And when Santa awakened her, all of them ran.
“Look what I brought you, dear,” Santa Claus said,
As she woke from her slumber and sat up in bed.

“They’re roses!” she laughed and she gave him a hug.
“But how did you ever find time, you big lug?”
“I had help,” he said softly, with a nod toward the door,
“From reindeer who fly but then do so much more.”

So Mr. and Mrs. Claus called them all in.
There was prancing and pawing and quite a big din.
And they gave those ’deer cookies and cocoa and treats,
And the reindeer responded with loud, happy bleats.

And all Christmas Day, those sweet reindeer were spoiled,
And on Christmas night, Mrs. Claus said, “You’re loyal!
You guide Santa safely through snow most unpleasant!
Then you help him bring home this most wonderful present!”

Proud reindeer eventually went back outside,
While Santa got kisses from his grateful bride.
What we learned from those ’deer who gave Santa a lift,
Is that caring for others makes the best Christmas gift.