Wellington Firm Marketing StopAmbush To Protect Law-Enforcement Officers

A local law enforcement officer has come up with a new product that can potentially save lives. StopAmbush is a patent-pending 360-degree audio/visual alert system.

StopAmbush is a 360-degree perimeter motion sensor that mounts on the roof of police vehicles and tracks movement within a 25-foot radius. It is designed to give officers an early heads-up.

StopAmbush uses an audio and visual display inside the vehicle to alert officers when someone is approaching and what direction they are coming from. This is especially beneficial at night, when officers inside their vehicles are blinded to external movement by their interior light and computer.

This November alone, four police officers were murdered on duty, ambushed in their vehicles.

“My device creates that protection for you,” said Vasile Ciuperger, creator of StopAmbush. “It’s a set of eyes around your car at all times. Seeing some of the senseless killings of police officers throughout the country lately, I think my product will make a big difference.”

StopAmbush Inc. is based in Wellington. To learn more, visit www.stopambush.com.