Dorothy Jacks Takes Office As PBC Property Appraiser

Dorothy Jacks was sworn in earlier this month as the new Palm Beach County Property Appraiser by retired Judge Mary E. Lupo in a ceremony in the main courtroom of the historic 1916 Palm Beach County Courthouse. The ceremony was attended by prominent county officials, family and friends.

Jacks told the audience that Palm Beach County is entering an exciting time. “The growth that we’re expecting over the next 10 years will truly challenge all levels of government, and the Property Appraiser’s Office is no exception to that,” she said.

She noted that when it comes to property valuation, Palm Beach County has some of everything.

“We have regional malls that rival the best, a range of residential property that most likely isn’t duplicated anywhere and agricultural lands that include free range chicken farms to winter vegetables,” she said.

Jacks praised the staff within the office and credited their expertise and commitment to the taxpayers.

“We have 250 people in our office, the most highly designated staff in the nation, with specializations in commercial, residential, tangible business property, mapping and exemptions, and I am proud to come from that mold,” she said.

Jacks will be spending her first full week meeting with employees to discuss important issues relevant to the Property Appraiser’s Office, including producing a fair and equitable tax roll, concentrating on new technology that will provide more accuracy with the assessment of property, and increasing the already strong customer service for all taxpayers in Palm Beach County.

Jacks was elected as property appraiser in 2016 after a 28-year career in the office. As a Certified Florida Appraiser and Assessment Administration Specialist, she has the highest professional designation in Florida and one of the highest international designations for someone who holds the office of property appraiser.

Jacks has held positions at every level in the office. Prior to her election, she was the chief deputy property appraiser, where she focused her efforts on hiring professional and technical staff with the highest industry credentials, implementing budget reductions and overseeing effective management information systems.

Among her most notable accomplishments is the creation of the award-winning Property Appraiser’s Public Access (PAPA) web site. Her expertise has earned Jacks regional, national and worldwide recognition as a leader in her field.

Jacks received a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Florida.

ABOVE: Retired Judge Mary E. Lupo swears in Dorothy Jacks as the new Palm Beach County Property Appraiser.