Equestrian Trails Battle Of The Books

Students at Equestrian Trails Elementary are hard at work reading the Sunshine State Young Readers Association books in preparation for the Palm Beach County School District’s Battle of the Books Competition. Some students have even read all 15 books to give their team an advantage during the battle. Shown above are: (front row) Riley Lewis, Jahlynn Francius, Leo Lampone, Payton Lampone, Matthew Gross, Timothy Holmes, Emily Gross, Joel Vincent and Soriah Agbi; and (back row) Starienne LaMonaco, Elizabeth Dinow, IJ Nwankwo, Abigail Hepburn, Brianna Oliver, Breanne Dinow, Taylor Vernie and Jahazielle Sanon. Not shown: Zoe Lester, Carley Schenkman and Noel Chazhur.