Florida Trail Association Hosts Beginners Backpack Trip

On Sunday, Jan. 22, trail guides Scott Lunsford and Mary Miller completed another successful beginners overnight backpacking trip with the Loxahatchee chapter of the Florida Trail Association. The 20 adults and two youth in the group had a great time. Eight of the adults were on their first backpacking outing.

Attendees were from across Palm Beach County and from as far away as Fort Lauderdale and Sebastian. Hikers saw eagles on the way in and had lunch at Boot Lake watching a gator sunning itself on the opposite bank.

There was a mother gator and about 15 young in the ditch just a few hundred feet to the south of the camp site. The hikers found a scorpion and praying mantis near the sites fire ring, and some of the hikers saw a beauty of a diamondback crossing the road on the way out.

In all, they set a record, time wise, on the hike out and made it to the Seminole Inn in plenty of time for the celebratory brunch.

For more information about the Loxahatchee chapter of the Florida Trail Association and future events, visit www.loxfltrail.org.

ABOVE: Participants in last month’s beginners overnight backpacking trip.