Villari’s Of Wellington Team Participates In Vietnamese Tet Celebration

On Jan. 22, the local Vietnamese community celebrated the Vietnamese Tet in honor of the lunar new year. In keeping with their tradition, the Vietnamese Cultural Center of South Florida invited select martial art schools and disciplines to perform, including the Villari’s Studios of Self Defense of Wellington demonstration team, the Swift Tigers.

The Swift Tigers gave a 20-minute performance starting with a weapons form, followed by a six-person kata, a fighting form. The members performed the form with exemplary synchronicity and power, all the while maintaining their martial roots. A highlight from the demonstration was a samurai sword fight. The preciseness of the form was a blend of power, grace, athleticism and accuracy.

The Swift Tigers demonstrated their hand-to-hand combat skills against single and multiple attackers. They dazzled the crowd with throws, sweeps, crisp punching and powerful kicking. All of the techniques were done with power, but amazing control.

The team, led by head coach David Wilson, Simon Jupp, Katie Bowen and Dan Zottoli, enjoyed watching the other martial art schools that performed at the event. All parties involved had the opportunity to interact with people of diverse cultures and backgrounds, and learn from this cultural exchange.

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ABOVE: The Villari’s of Wellington demonstration team at the event.