‘Bionic Broncos’ Excel At Robotics Event

From March 2-4, Palm Beach Central High School’s “Bionic Broncos” team competed valiantly, efficiently, and with “gracious professionalism,” the theme emphasized by the FIRST Robotics Competition.

The PBCHS students not only worked diligently and as a team, but they also were able to help other teams by lending tools and hands to other teams in need at various points during the tournament.

The students were tasked with building a functional robot in only six weeks. Not only did the students accomplish that feat, but after four matches early in the tournament of 47 teams, the “Bionic Broncos” were in sixth place. In the end, the team’s tournament record of four wins and six losses placed them in 29th out of 47 teams. Of the nine rookie teams in attendance, the “Bionic Broncos” had the third highest ranking.

Congratulates to the “Bionic Broncos:” Aldo Frias (senior/mechanical engineer/robot driver), Sam Caetano (senior/lead computer programmer), Kailia Williams (sophomore/co-president/treasurer), Hunter Free (freshman/lead mechanical engineer), Ian Dominguez (electrical and mechanical engineer), Jared Lacaire (computer programmer), Michael Coombs (mechanical engineer), Nicholas Zamora (lead artist/graphic designer), Adryan Ortiz (artist/graphic designer), Jaylen Brown (artist/programmer) and coach Carey Bush.

ABOVE: Palm Beach Central’s “Bionic Broncos.”