Haas Foundation Awards PBSC $20K For Scholarships

More scholarship assistance is on the way for students in Palm Beach State College’s Machining Technology Program. The college has been awarded a $20,000 scholarship grant award from the Gene Haas Foundation to help cover the educational expenses of students in the 1,500 clock-hour postsecondary adult vocational program.

This is the second award that PBSC has received since 2015 from the California-based foundation, bringing the total to $40,000. So far, the Palm Beach State College Foundation, which oversees the scholarship application process, has awarded scholarships to 10 students. Five or six additional scholarships will be awarded this summer.

“These are students who are working very hard to get the knowledge and skills to have a good career,” said Rick Reeder, associate dean of trade and industry. “Like many other students, they have responsibilities other than school. The scholarships help take one issue off the plate for them, and that’s funding their education.”

Reeder applauded Lynn Highsmith, director of the program, for successfully writing both grant applications to help her students.

The Machining Technology Program is accredited by the National Institute for Metal Working Skills. It currently has 15 students in the day program and 15 students in the night program — the maximum capacity — preparing students for careers as a machinist.

Reeder said the additional award further demonstrates that the program is highly regarded by the philanthropic foundation for the American company that makes machining equipment for advanced manufacturing.

For more information about the Machining Technology Program, visit www.palmbeachstate.edu/programs/machining.