Local Author Publishes New Gothic Novel

Cynthia Morrison, a jousting champion and trainer who is certified in equestrian management, is also a Gothic author who lives in West Palm Beach. She features a “Bloodhorse” in her latest book titled In the Briar, published by Horrified Press of London, England.

The book tells the story of an immortal woman physician and her journey in reaching happiness with a mortal husband named Chad. The two meet in the medical profession when he experiences a riding accident that lands him in the briar.

After they marry, Chad manages their equestrian training facility alongside a hired trainer named Conor from Ireland. This allows Chad to stay near his second love, Val, who happens to be a Thoroughbred mare that is a descendant of the famous racehorse, Bird Catcher.

Dr. Nautica Crosse defines the true meaning of devoted love within her world of desperation and her crusade against the grim reaper, an entity she would only submit to while clenching his heart. Is she any different from the evil forces that she contends with? Learn more in author Cynthia Morrison’s In The Briar.