Local College Student Helps Launch Outdoor Gear Company

In September 2016, Jamie Proctor and Sarah Fordin, two college students from Houston and Loxahatchee, took their passion for the outdoors and created a company.

Getting quality gear did not seem affordable, especially at a college student’s budget. They wanted something made with quality materials but still at an affordable price. That is when they had the idea to make their own. With Proctor’s business and product design experience and Fordin’s marketing and digital design experience, they began to create RADD (Relax and Do Designs), an American-made outdoor gear company with a mission to create quality, versatile and simple outdoor products.

Proctor and Fordin’s idea has grown into more than they could imagine. Just the two of them could not do it alone. They need their community to help make their dreams a reality. Amid school work, the two launched a Kickstarter project, a crowdfunded, all-or-nothing, monthlong campaign, to push the business into the mass production arena. This is their first step to make RADD a reality. For more information, visit http://kck.st/2mzuoUX to check out the Kickstarter campaign.