Oxbridge Academy Students Have A Championship Debate Season

The Oxbridge Academy debate team continued its winning ways this season with members achieving success in local, statewide, regional and national tournaments.

Forty-nine Oxbridge debaters qualified to compete at debate nationals in the last two years, coming away with 20 trophies and awards, including Oxbridge debater Will Brodner’s first place in Impromptu Speaking and third place in Extemporaneous Speaking at the U.C. Berkeley national debate tournament recently, bringing Brodner’s award total to 38 during his high school career.

The Oxbridge Debate Team’s numerous achievements include having members earn the distinction of being ranked No. 1 in the nation in Public Forum Debate, No. 1 in the nation in Congressional Debate, and a National Champion in Dramatic Interpretation.

All of the seniors of the Oxbridge debate team have been accepted to top-notch universities, including congressional debate competitor and team co-captain Terrell Seabrooks of West Palm Beach, accepted to Princeton University; extemporaneous speaking debater and co-team captain Will Brodner of Jupiter, accepted to Duke University; congressional debate competitor Madison McAuliffe of Palm Beach, undecided; public forum debater Danielle Sturm of Lake Worth, accepted to the University of Virginia; Lincoln Douglas debater Noah Wells of Boynton Beach, accepted to Brown University; Lincoln Douglas debater Ari Wells of Boynton Beach, accepted to Columbia University; and public forum debater Cody Kellner of Riviera Beach, accepted to Tulane University.

Team co-captain Alyson Brusie of Wellington and Robbie Linck of Palm Beach won second place at the Bellaire Houston debates, the Gladiator Debates in Atlanta, the University of Florida Blue Key Round Robin Debates and the University of New Orleans Big Brass Round Robin Debate.

Oxbridge Debate Coach David Childree said debate prepares students well for college and the future. “Colleges value debate very highly because it teaches students to read and deeply understand large amounts of advanced information, think on their feet, and to consider complex issues and global problems in terms of pro/con debates, impacts, benefits and harms, and problems and solutions,” Childree said.

The Oxbridge Academy is located at 3151 N. Military Trail. For more info., visit www.oapb.org or call (561) 972-9600.

ABOVE: Oxbridge debate students Ayden Wells, Nick Chen, Luke Herman, Terrell Seabrooks, Sarah Sadati, Freya Miller, Dylan Skinner, Ellis Lee, John Carlson, Sebastien Limbourg, Henry Horgan, Alyson Brusie, Ari Wells and Hannah Morross.