Lists Are Great, But Great Mothers Come In Many Varieties

We have arrived at Mother’s Day, that special Sunday where the morning brunches are booked in advance, flower sales go through the roof and the highest number of phone calls are made annually.

This year, Mother’s Day will be observed on Sunday, May 14. As it approaches, let us consider what makes a good mother. Is there a magic guide available? A list of qualities to check off when making mental notes or trying to decide which nice outfit to wear when out to dinner with mom?

Why, thanks to the internet, yes there is! Among them:

1. Great moms have a positive attitude about life. They know how to find sunshine in a hurricane and laugh during spills, accidents and messes. Laughing during times of despair helps to lessen stress.

2. Great moms are actively involved (but not helicopter-style) in their child’s upbringing. Being in attendance for the events of their child’s life — such as sporting activities, dance recitals or school plays — is important. Equally important is spending some time daily with children on quieter activities, perhaps going for a walk or playing a game. Quality time reinforces the child’s sense of perception of how much he/she means to mom.

3. Great moms have an ability to inspire. Like any good teacher in the classroom, great mothers take their knowledge and share it with her children — knowledge about life skills, finances, current events and more, to prepare children for when they leave home.

4. Great moms express their love daily. It’s amazing that three little words, recited regularly (and honestly), can have such a positive impact. Moms can also show their child love with hugs, kisses, holding hands, singing a song and by always accepting who they are, unconditionally.

5. Great moms exhibit patience. Despite meticulous planning, things can crop up at the last minute — sickness, a flat tire, etc. It’s called life. Patience helps to suppress anger and keep children calm, allowing mother to better focus on the task at hand.

6. Great moms take responsibility. Parents are not perfect, as much as they may wish to be, or as much as their children might think they are. Apologizing for mistakes and acknowledging they’ll do their best not to repeat it scores major points in the family unit.

7. Great moms are consistent — in routines, in disciplines, in punctuality; all offer a form of security that develops trust between mother and child. A child will be less prone to disobey if the consequences are always enforced.

8. Great moms are trustworthy. They aren’t hypocritical dictators; mothers need to follow the rules of the homestead and model trustworthy behavior. Otherwise, trust will be broken — or never developed properly in the first place.

9. Great moms have great communication skills. A great mother knows when to talk, and better yet, when to listen. Listening to a child is not the time to multitask; it’s time for undivided attention.

10. Finally, great moms are not perfect. No one can live up to perfection 100 percent of the time. Lists are great, but real life can be messy and hard.

We wish all those hardworking moms of the world an amazing Mother’s Day this Sunday!