4H Group Joins Goat Yoga Craze With June Fundraisers

Goat yoga is a smile-inducing fitness trend that has been sweeping the nation. If you like the idea of stretching while hanging out with adorable goats and helping young riders achieve their goals, then this special event is for you.

The Palm Beach County 4-H group “Heavenly Horses” includes six young equestrians who are off to Tampa next month to represent West Palm Beach at the Florida 4-H State Finals. They are holding two goat yoga sessions at Eden’s Edge Show Stables (3548 162nd Drive North, Loxahatchee) on Saturday, June 17 and Saturday, June 24 at 10 a.m. to help raise funds for the trip.

4-H is America’s largest youth development organization, empowering nearly six million young people across the nation.

“Our young riders work extremely hard every day in developing backyard horses to fulfill and reach their full potential,” said Katie Reid-Wagner, a local 4-H leader and owner of Eden’s Edge Show Stables. “I am always inspired by a child who can take a horse or pony that maybe had been rejected by many as being difficult and worthless, and turning them into a wonderful companion, and state or regional champion. These young riders, who recently achieved enough points to secure a place at the State Finals in Tampa, are no exception. They have worked tirelessly to achieve their place in the final, and at their latest meeting, run entirely by the children, they set their goal to fundraise to get themselves and their horses to Tampa.”

A few youngsters from the group had miniature goats as pets, and it had not escaped their attention via social media sites that goat yoga is trendy. Fortunately, while other children did not have goats, they did have mothers who were qualified yoga instructors.

The session will be led by Cheryl Alker. Alker’s 30-plus year career started as a group fitness and personal trainer. She has lectured and directed fitness training programs in both Europe and the United States and was an advisor for a governmental health promotion program. She educates consumers through public speaking and offering consultation to clients who wish to lose their muscular pain and gain flexibility to achieve full and active lifestyles.

Alker is looking forward to leading the goat yoga sessions. “This is going to be such a fun experience,” she said. “The goats are adorable, and you just cannot help smiling when you are trying to do a pose and a little goat hops onto your back or demands a little cuddle! This session will be for anyone and everyone — experienced yogis and total beginners alike. Even if you have never been to a yoga session, you will still love this class.”

To book your spot, visit www.eventbrite.com and search “Goat Yoga Fundraiser for 4H.”