Eagle Arts Academy Assessment Scores Improve

New student diagnostic testing scores show that Eagle Arts Academy students improved at every grade level in both math and reading this academic year.

The scores are part of the iReady Diagnostic & Instruction for Reading and Mathematics program used by Palm Beach County School District. Eagle Arts Academy was one of the first charter schools to use iReady and has been doing so since its first year. Since then, the district has adopted the program, assessment and curriculum.

New numbers show that Eagle Arts students improved an average of 26 points in reading and 17 points in math.

According to the district scores, Eagle Arts students tested above the targeted reading level in kindergarten, and grades 3, 4, 5, 7 and 8. First grade tested at 97 percent of the target level. Second grade was at 71 percent, and sixth grade tested at 86 percent of the target level.

The new numbers also show improvements at every grade level in math. The most dramatic math improvement was among Eagle Arts Academy’s eighth graders, who exceeded target test levels by 155 percent. While the school missed its overall target for average growth in math, it did achieve 83 percent of the goal.

The iReady scores are used to view student growth relative to end-of-year growth targets and see if students are performing on or above grade level.

“What these new numbers show is that we are heading in the right direction. Our scores are up, and our kids are learning. We have made several major changes for next year, including the hiring of a dean of curriculum and academics who will make next year’s scores even more impressive,” said Greg Blount, founder of the Eagle Arts Academy.

Believing that all children do not learn in the same way, the Eagle Arts Academy uses a “whole child” approach to education, infusing core curriculum with arts education and technology skills in a collaborative culture that drives academic excellence.

The Wellington school uses teaching methodologies that create a fun and engaging learning environment such as Center Based Learning, Project Based Learning and Kinesthetic Learning. Children who don’t like school or struggle with standard teaching methods are transformed into engaged learners, Blount said.

The school’s goal is to create as many options as possible to help students be successful in their learning.