Horse Owners Trying ‘Functional Electrolyzed Water’

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It sounds like something out of a sci-fi novel. Treating wounds and other ailments with… water? But Acreage resident Paul Seaver, owner of Palm Beach Springs Water Company, is a believer. He incorporated in 2015 after meeting with an expert on the concept.

“I became interested in water systems,” Paul recalled. “Back then it was mostly used in commercial situations. I wanted to make it available for anyone, anywhere.”

So, what exactly is functional electrolyzed water (FEW)? Simply put, it’s water treated with electrolysis to change its properties to make it better able to hydrate and permeate cells. “These units, when installed on any water system, charge the water with a positive charge and change its permeability,” Paul explained. “It aids digestion, is easier to absorb, and flushes the system of toxins.”

He listed many uses for the product.

“It’s used a lot in the dairy industry as a cleaner, since it’s nontoxic. I started using it on dogs and horses when my friend’s dog had nasty open sores,” Paul recalled. “He had tried everything. We had the dog drink the water, and also bathed and misted him with it. In 2 to 3 months, he was completely cured… Think of water like produce. It can be fresh, or old. FEW keeps water fresh with active, dissolved hydrogen, which is the key to preventing and repairing cellular damage. It’s anti-oxidizing. The PH level is neutralized and stabilized.”

Paul offers three types of FEW. The ultra-low PH is a super sanitizer for anything and everything. Although it smells like chlorine, it’s safe to use on all surfaces, as well as skin. This one helped cure the dog’s sores. The ultra-high PH is a cleaner and degreaser, terrific on tile floors, windows and open wounds. The neutral PH is the one for drinking and general use. This is the one you can have at home through one of Paul’s machines.

The thing about FEW is it doesn’t store well. (Remember the produce analogy?) So, you need a constant, fresh supply.

“I can hook up the system to any water source,” he explained. “It’s like a reverse osmosis unit. The cost for a household unit runs between $3,500 to $4,000, which includes the unit, filtration and installation, and comes with a three-year warranty. But they last a lot longer than that.”

According to a 2009 Los Angeles Times article, FEW is powerful enough to kill anthrax spores, salmonella on chicken carcasses, disinfect produce, treat chronic wounds and burns, sunburn and acne, yet is completely safe and nontoxic, without harming people or the environment. The USDA, the FDA and the EPA have approved electrolyzed water for a variety of uses.

Drew Nagel is a big believer. She has seen firsthand how it helps horses. She and her horses recently moved from Deer Run to Davie. One of her horses, Rattlesnake Red, a Thoroughbred, had a terrible chronic skin condition known as rain rot. He was also a non-sweater and had hoof problems.

“This stuff is wonderful,” she said. “I’ve been using it for about a year. I had the unit hooked up to the hose in the barn, so the horses can drink it. It has totally remade this horse. His coat is beautiful.”

Drew said the low PH water helped cure the rain rot and is also great on summer sores — better than anything else she has ever tried. Because it helps horses digest their food better, Drew has noticed a reduction in manure, and it’s less smelly.

“It’s amazing. It sanitizes everything. It’s just water, but because it’s infused with extra hydrogen, the molecular structure is changed,” she said. “A lot of people are skeptical until they try it. I tell them to look at the before and after photos of my horse. You wouldn’t recognize him.”

Drew noted that many sport horses and top show horses get FEW because it helps hydrate them better, so tired muscles recover faster, improving stamina. She said it can also help boost the immune system and aid in treating hoof conditions like laminitis. “I use it for everything,” she said. “I drink it, clean tack with it, you name it. I feel and look better, it has even lessened my arthritis. And, it’s just water. Nothing toxic. Nothing harmful. What’s not to like?”

Brad Gaver of Pure Thoughts Horse Rescue used FEW as drinking water for his horses and dogs for a while. “It was super-filtered, and they liked it,” he said. “I liked the idea of it, but I didn’t notice any changes.”

Lelsie Butzer, owner of Ponies and Palms, had a unit installed. “I love it,” she said. “I use it with my special show ponies to keep them extra hydrated. It’s really amazing. I’ve seen a huge difference. They can definitely do their jobs better. I’d recommend it to anyone.”

Hearing all these claims, I had to try it, and the perfect opportunity arose. One of my mares has chronic lameness issues, frequently developing abscesses. Sure enough, a week or two after I spoke with Paul, she came hobbling up to the stall. Paul kindly gave me some FEW. I soaked her in it twice. And that was it. Two days later, she was sound again. Now I’m using it on a chronic wound on one of my dog’s ears. That one is taking longer, but she likes getting sprayed a few times each day, and the wound is slowly improving.

“You won’t believe it until you try it,” Paul said. “You have to use it and drink it, and then the benefits become clear. People, animals — it’s great for everyone and all sorts of ailments.”

For more information, call Paul Seaver at (561) 693-9015.


  1. I think “Brad” is suffering from memory loss: Thanks Brad it makes it worth all the hard work I did on your behalf… Would have killed you to say something nice! Sorry the free-bees had to end no reason to be bitter.

    Pure Thoughts Horse Rescue
    Bradley A. Gaver, M. Ed

    Dear Palm Beach Springs Water Company,

    Over the past six weeks or so Espuma, a 16 year old, female, Argentine Carillo, playing polo pony, has been drinking the special electrolyte water. Espuma was chosen for this test because she has always had a hard time keeping weight on her top line (back and top of rump.). I have always needed to give her an extra 3 quarts of grain daily compared to other horses of comparable size, age and workload.

    Espuma is also grey in color, almost white. This leads to two problems: staying clean and much higher chance of cancer. So far, much to my surprise, she has stayed considerably cleaner since drinking this water.

    At this point of the experiment, her top line muscle is the best I have seen on her in the year and one half that she has been in my possession. In the past two weeks I have stopped giving her the extra 3 quarts of feed without any negative changes.

    Espuma has typically had a bit of a negative attitude while first warming up while being ridden. That as well has mostly vanished.

    At this point both myself and my wife and only drinking this special water. I see positive changes in my increased muscle mass with no other nutrition or exercise changes made.

    I was very skeptical yet open-minded at first. Now I am a believer. I would like to have all the animals on the farm, both 2 legged and 4 legged exclusively drink this water.

    Thank you very much for choosing our farm to test out this water.

    Bradley A. Gaver, M. Ed
    Pure Thoughts Horse Rescue

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