Local Combat Instructor Is Sole Female Author In New British Combat Book


Three-time International Women’s Jousting champion and martial artist Cynthia Morrison is the sole female contributor inside a new book released out of the United Kingdom. A Professionals’ Guide to 24 Urban Self-Defence and Close Quarter Combat Systems, published by Robin Barratt, includes 21 professional male combat instructors alongside Morrison.

Morrison was the first woman to compete in the Highland Games heavy athletics in Scotland in 1994-95. The Oscar Heidenstam Foundation of London England bestowed the Ambassador Award for sport to her in 2000 for her overseas efforts. She has also been recognized locally by Palm Beach County Commission and former West Palm Beach Mayor Nancy Graham.

In 2001, Morrison founded Palm Beach Jousting to share her skill and knowledge in teaching the medieval equestrian sport. She acted as official adviser for the 2005 U.S. Open Polo Championships, training players for an intermission display on medieval mounted techniques. She has also published a novelette, Adelia of the Coliseum, a story about a woman gladiator in ancient Rome. The book won its category from the Great Southeast Book Festival, as well as the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award during 2017.

Morrison, trained in Karado Karate, is also a graduate of the Burt Reynolds Institute in Jupiter. She shares stage combat methods with actors and has worked as fight director on local independent film projects.

A Professionals’ Guide to 24 Urban Self-Defence and Close Quarter Combat Systems, compiled by Robin Barratt, can be found on Amazon.

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