Wellington To Inspect Sewer System In Sugar Pond Area

On Monday, July 10, Wellington’s Utilities Department will begin the process of maintenance and evaluation of the existing underground sanitary sewer system in the south Sugar Pond area.

Wellington has contracted Keshavarz & Associates to carry out the project. Crews will be in the area beginning Monday, July 10 and continuing through Friday, Aug. 18 performing sanitary sewer cleaning and video inspection work. Residents might hear noise from maintenance trucks and equipment between the hours of 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Trucks and equipment may block some roadway access during this time.

Work will be limited to weekdays. As a precaution, residents are asked to leave toilet lids down when workers are in the area and when not in use. For more information, call Randy Wertepny or Mark Williams at (561) 689-8600.