Arlene Einhorn A Shining Star At WHS

Arlene Einhorn

Arlene Einhorn is a longtime paraprofessional in the special education department at Wellington High School, working one-on-one with students to maximize individual potential.

When the final bell rings, Einhorn pursues donations for students, staff and the building where the budget falls short. This is done outside of her job responsibilities.

Earlier in Einhorn’s career at Wellington High School, $18,000 was donated by local businesses to finance annual behavior incentive trips for the special needs students to go to amusement parks in the Orlando and Tampa areas. Within the last five years, Einhorn has received close to $25,000 in donations, which is a boost to the ESE students, staff and Wellington High School.

Five years ago, Einhorn was asked by the ESE department chair to help get donations for the raffle for the Council for Exceptional Children. Einhorn received $8,000 in donations. When the Attitude Adjustment Committee (AAC) was active for Wellington High School staff, Einhorn received donations for many raffles. These included gift cards to restaurants, resorts, rounds of golf and other gifts totaling $28,000.

Over the years, Einhorn has received donations for additional student activities and Thanksgiving feasts in the amount of $2,000 for the ESE department. In August 2015, Einhorn received $13,005 from the Jacobs Family Foundation for iPads for the ESE students, $1,000 from Pat Evans, $500 from Jess Santamaria and $25 from Harriet Offerman.

In August 2016, the Jacobs Family Foundation donated $2,500 for shredders for the students’ future training for job skills. Also that month, the Batchelor Foundation donated $3,890 for additional iPads for the ESE students. B/E Aerospace donated $250 for shredders, and Dr. Richard Hays donated $279 for iPads as well. In August 2017, Pat Evans donated $800, and Jess Santamaria donated $200 for iPad carts.

In 2016 and 2017, Einhorn worked with school administration getting donations for the Character Counts rewards program. For the end of the year ESE picnic in 2017, Costco donated $25, Target $100, Winn-Dixie $75, Walmart $100 and Publix $75.

This year, Einhorn received a $1,300 refrigerator for the ESE Plan Room from Appliance Connection. For the teacher’s lounge, she received an $800 reclining sofa from Badcock Furniture.

Einhorn also provides incentives for teachers to use with students, plus the teaching supplies and environment needed to help students learn and achieve. The school’s teachers and staff greatly appreciate the support and hard work that Einhorn has provided to help WHS students.